29 October 2015

The Donald

I don't like him.  He's a narcissist on the order of the current office holder.  He abuses his contacts,  the bankruptcy laws, the Eminent Domain laws, and is probably the only man to lose money operating a casino, and has actually lost money by any reasonable standard, .

You, Sir, are a Narcissist.  Your properties must shout your name.

You, Sir, are a rent seeking bottom feeder

You, Sir, are  a Deadbeat. 

You, Sir, are a thief of other's property

You, Sir,  are ugly, tactless, tasteless, well-over-the-borderline sociopath, and personally vain.

You, Sir, are a balloon so full of himself that were your asshole not tied into a knot you would explosively deflate.

You, Sir, have such a small penis that the women you wed are bound by pre-nuptial agreements not to mention it.

"SLAP".  Here is my glove, Sir.  (Drops glove).
Have your seconds get in touch with mine..

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