29 October 2015

I Got Me A Neighbor

He's got back problems, caused by jumping out of perfectly good aircraft. Broken neck, broken back, shattered collarbone, broken scapula. No family anywhere near to help him. He tells me that I'm his only friend, and if that's the case then boy is he fucked.

He goes to the VA Hospital here in Houston, and seems to get prompt and responsive service, so far as I can tell. His back injuries entail upon him an unnatural gait which will lead to a hip rebuild. Now I am not a doctor, but my father is, and a damn good one. Sitting in the shoe department of Sears Robuck he taught me limps from the ankle, knee and hip.

My neighbor limps from the neck down. Broken neckbones pinch on spinal cord. Truth? I have no idea if he were going for SOF or just mandatory static cord jump. He tried, which is a hell of a lot more than I would have done. (Eta service in Grenada, Panama, and Desert Storm).

I'm trying to get him one of those “LifeLine” Telephones. Maybe some maid service.

Well, I got him the phone, but I need to get a medical opinion from the VA to get the service thingie. Persistance will prevail.

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