02 April 2019

Oh deadie dearie heavens me. I started this thing about 10 years ago and I have neglected it. I am so sorry.
I wish I could say I was busy, but I hate to tell a lie. Leon tells it.
I wanna like the cat in the mirror. Not sure I do now.

05 October 2018

Sorry kids!

it's been long time since last I posted. Deaths in the family, but that's no excuse. cut me off on Facebook I Last I'd heard from him he'd just married my old girlfriend. Now I find out he died like 10 years ago.

25 September 2018

I had a girlfriend, backa long time ago.

Had a girlfriend in High School. I'd go and drop the family car into neutral, and push it a block or so away, to be distrete. Then I'd drive many miles to the place where my heart dwelled, pitch some pebbles at her window, climb up the fence, monkey across the gutter, and then slip into the bedroom window. And then we would make love like there was no tomorrow. There was no tomorrow for me. She told me she was pregnant, but not by me. Thanks, darling. She ended up marrying her coke dealer, who was well over twice her age, but she claimed that I was Daddy. She miscarried. I caught up with a mutual friend, who reminded me that (name goes here) had married (name goes here, my best buddy in high school). Well yes, my future ex wife and I caught up with them some years ago. Well, you do know that (best buddy from high school who married the first girl I ever really loved) died like 10 years ago. I had no idea. I just knew that he didn't answer his phone. I went to St Thomas High School, and hung out with the chicks at Duschene. Or the girls who went to Duschene, the girlfriends of my old buddies, who married guys I don't know,there are like zero children. Some of the chicks have decided that they were lesbian. Not my problem. But the greater mass just followed the scapegoat. hhigh School

15 September 2018

It's been a year now

And I still want to call him up, say "Hey Dad, there's this thing I just found out about (whatever)(I finally had somebody explain how e, the root of natural logs, works in real life, 'cause of Euler's equations!)( Just like we said, the government dietary guidelines were a load of shit!) But I can't, cause you're gone. I meet 'smart people' and make a reference to Shakespeare, and we've got 'Low Flying Aircraft'. Fibonacci is an Italian sauce. 'Google-fu' is a replacement for 'actually knowing stuff'. "Hey, Siri?" Fuck you. What's one over seven? What's one over eight? No idea. Except maybe my kids, because baseball. i miss you, Dad.

03 April 2018

I got a lot of pain. The hospital says no more opiods, cause I'm obviosly an addict. Cunts. Stupid stupid cunts!I didn't even ask for pain killers, I don't like them! I haven't been prescribed opoids for years

30 September 2017

My Dad's gone now

I don't remember him so much in my youth. He was busy doctoring. Making house calls in a Buick but went for a VW 412 when they came on to the market.A kinda sorta station wagon thingie, but not really one or the other. This was during the track period. My dad was doing serious running, along with some that's when I learned to do the metric conversion  factors. I can't do that now.
More later.

17 September 2017

More about my dad

I've seen their wedding pix.  They got the fire in their eyes.I found a white dinner jacket at a resale shop one time.  Shawl collar with black piping. Thought it made me look like James Bond. Made me look EXACTLY like my Dad in the wedding pics, but with a bearded-Spock-with-a-bad-haircut vibe.  Showed it off to my Mom and she nearly fainted. But on HIM it looked good. Think a white Cab Calloway, but without the pencil moustache. Good looking man.

Recuerdos de mi padre

I really can't say it in English.  It just seems so clinical.

But I remember being sent with my father, sitting in the old Blue Rooster, a POS example of a marque lost to history. He was an intern physician, and there were these interesting flashing lights.  Sometimes he would stop at the great Shamrock Hilton Hotel for a shoe shine. Because that's important.

I don't know if my brothers were there then. I remember the lights, and my dad crying. I was very young at the time.  I thought maybe he hurt his toe, and tried to help. Not a good idea. Having an infant crawling under your feet whist driving a '56 Nash Rambler. Doubleplus ungood. There was a thing called "Hamm's Beer" that seemed to make my daddy feel better. It was from the country of elevenhundred springs. More on this later.