18 August 2015

Lord help me Jeebus

The Doc (who is cute as a bug) has given me freedom to USE CRUTCHES.  I didn't have tah heart to tell her that I been doing that for the last month.  "Damn, that's neat, that's clean, that's a really good wound cover".  Me.  Fucking interns and residents wanna use to bandage. 
Them:  16 4x4 gauze pads
             2 rolls non lint gauze
            1 Roll kerlix
             3 ace bandages

ME:  2 4x4
         Half roll kerlix
         one ace
they end up with a pumkin on  the end of my leg.    I show up with my dressing 2x 4x4 folded, q/3 roll of kerlix under an ace bandage   and ask who my nurse is   

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