03 August 2015

Damn, I'm tall

At all the hospital recordkeeping stuff they ask height and weight.  I am now   OFFICIALLY six foot one inch and 14 stone.  When I say "6 foot tall" it's always rounded down to five foot ten, and I get crutches and so on for someone  5'8".  That's just the way they roll.  Nothing personal, but that's 4 inches shorter than I am.  That's, as the math boffins say, "Non-Trivial".  So I say "Six-one" and I get stuff that fits.  They see me in the hospital bed and my feet stick out, and they say "That's one tall SOB".

14 stone is about 196 pounds. Could be 15 stone, probably not 13.  Make them look it up.  (This is my EVIL EVIL grin). (Bwahahahahaha!)

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Art Hipk said...

Last time I was in the hospital, they put one of those tray tables at the foot of the bed...6'7", counting the callouses on my head.