31 August 2015

Getting Better.

2 weeks ago I was told I could use crutches. YAY.  Today they gave me a sandal kinda thingie to use with the crutches (I'm planning to go on with just a cane, which looks much more stylish, and doubles as melee weapon).

The difficulty is that with the hideous amount of swelling from the footal fractures, my left foot has shed very nearly all its epidermal cells.  All the callouses and such.  But now, with the magic sandal, I can walk (ok, hobble) on pea gravel, loose macadam, oystershell, and other popular paving surfaces.

Hurray for doing laundry!  Even bigger Hurray for being able to get rid of my mountain of junk mail and other dry trash, which had grown to and estimated 16 cubic feet of prime living room space.


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