03 November 2014

So Who's A Boomer

Ah, the Summer of Love. I remember it it well. That's when my babysitter would bring her boyfriend over, listen to some records, smoke some funny cigarettes, tell me it was bedtime, and then make funny noises. Well, maybe I don't remember it all that well.

But I'm still considered a “Boomer” . To which I say “Horseshit”. The Evil Lady of Evil Sarah Hoyt (Evil be upon her)wrote about this conundrum a few months ago.

I'm Generation ?. Missed the free love and nekkid dancing in the mud at Woodstock. You know what? All the folks that did that are well into Social Security now, but if you watch TV all the VietNam vets are portrayed as late 30s to early 50s. So very wrong.

Wanna see a vet from 'Nam? John McCain, that old fart. John Ketchup Kerry, that old fraud.

Those are the vets, and that's their age. There is a terrible nostalgia working here. A longing for a period when they thought they made a difference, but didn't. Lil' Bobby Dylan wrote “Forever Young” for his kid, not for you. (Have you seen a recent pic of him?) Take your polished aluminum Jerry Jeff Walkers outside. Fight amongst yourselves in the alley, and wait for the VA to pick you up.

The bartender has better things to do

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