28 July 2014

Those Crow Nims

It can get confusing, particularly in the proliferation of acronyms. Some are all purpose:

TL;DR = Too Long; Didn't Read.
YMMV= Your Milage May Vary (used in a metaphorical fashion),
TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It,
YOLO- You Obviously Love Owls (Rice U Version)
IYKWIMAITTYD = If You Know What I Mean And I Think That You Do

and those are just some of the … “more accesible”, commonplace ones.

SciFi: that I read

SMOF= Secret Master Of Fandom
SJW = Social Justice Warrior
GHH = Glittery Hoo-Haa
SMOD = Sweet Meteor Of Death
STFU = Special Task Force Unicorn (Thanks, Larry!) (Shut The Fuck Up is the usual usage)

Some are political:

VWRC = Vast Right Wing Conspiricy
VLWC = (you do get the idea, right?

A lot of them owe a debt to the Military (TL;DR)

Some are carried over from dating and sex sites: (Again, TL;DR, but I'm glad that I was not the one to explain to a good friend and neighbor the acro “MILF”) (Mother I'd Like to Fuck)

But these are new to me:

TWANLOC = Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen, and
FYTW = Fuck You, That's Why
Some text is in white font, 'cause I suspect my dear Mother visits from time to time, just to see that the socks are picked up.

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