28 July 2014

Tall and tan and young and lovely

The Girl from Impenema Goes Walking , and when dhe passes each guy she passes goes Ahhhhh

Ah the Bossa Nova. And the beautiful girls.

You want to see a color-blind society? Brasil.

During the times of the slave trade, North America absorbed perhaps 8% of the incoming trade. Brasil took about 50% (it's a big country), and the Carribean area took about 40%. Look it up, this is not rocket surgery.

My point is hybrid vigor: Just watch the World Cup, filtered through Google Images, for Beautiful Girls, Not Blonde

Portugese, Spanish, Indio, African and Asian. The women are stone beautiful and don't you dare call me a liar. Unfortunately, the culinary lines don't seem to have mixed. Black beans and white rice (Cristos y Moros) is not culinary ecuminism, even with platanos.

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