11 June 2014

What's the best?

One thing that the Anthropogenic Global Warming fanatics take for granted is that last year's weather is to be taken as normal. There is no reason to make that assumption.

Fran Porretto makes the obvious comment, that those who pursue this nonsense are anti-human.

I prefer to take a larger canvas. Let's look at Terraforming. Is Terra better just because it has humans on it? Isn't that just humaiform centrism? Maybe if we just left them alone the Martian amino acids could develop YouTube and FaceBook? Think of the CHILDREN!!!Eleventy!

No. There are folks around who think that humanity is a blight on the face of the earth, and the sooner we get back to hunter-gatherers, and for preference not hunters, the better off we will all be.

Bullshit! I say to that. (recherche Phil Dick quote)

As Grace Slick (so far as I can tell no relation to Tam Slick) said: We Are The Crown of Creation

.Was the global warming just an artefact of Antarctic vulcanism? I claimed that that was the case in the '80's, when that was the definitive answer. Instead there was the call for universal bans of CFCs. Yeah. My asthma puffers went from $20 to $95. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. Vulcanism in the Antarctic has dropped, and it's known that the Ozone layer degradation has plummeted. I know correlation ain't causality, but when you consider the fact that the vulcanism caused exponentially greater outputs of the supposed culprit gadded, the link is not hard to see.

Do we in fact live in the best of all possible worlds? Pardon the Panglossissism, but REALLY?

Think of it this way. We lose New Orleans (which is gonna happen anyway sooner or later due to corruption on the levy maintenance) and gain Greenland as a new international breadbasket? Fuck yeah, I'd hate to have to move from Houston. I've lived here all of my life (so far). Fine, I'll move to Washington On The Brazos, onetime Capitol of the Republic of Texas, and won't have to change a single tattoo. (Plus it puts me nearer the secret Confederate Sub base).

So we lose New York and Boston. What happens? The financial markets are dispersed (a Good Thing) and some monuments get re-designated as Maritime Hazards.

Now here is where I have a problem The Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming bullshit presupposes a stasis (impossible) and assumes that deviations are evil.

The thing is that deviations are normal. There's a phrase of art called a “ Standard Deviation”. If you can' or won't go the trouble of understanding that simple concept, then, well, fuck you. You don't do science, you don't do math, and you don't do statistics. Your opinion is useless. Shut up, grownups are talking

Now a Keynesian economist would argue that the sudden rise in demand for not-yet-waterfront property would drive demand for properties close but not too close to the r water front as it was
You come to see, what you want to see; you come to see but you never come to know. And yes, that's Kinky Freidman.

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