31 August 2012


Things smell funny.  I did some drywall cutout and patch for a neighbor, ended up covered in a mix of blow-in cellulose and mineral wool insulation (2 trash bins full)and am now bracing myself for a sinus infection.  Need new hankies. And antihisimines. And this:

Big ginger taste, range and striking power.  Clears the sinuses like nobody's business.  85% of people sneeze on the first sip.  Just now on offer at my local Spec's.(That's the liquor store in the neighborhood, not the big one downtown which covers an entire city block and I've been to Trader Joe's and all the others - this one is fucking huge, plus has a deli and catering operation. Plus free samples.  Show up there on a Saturday and just cruise the giveaway tables, and bring a designated driver.) I had mentioned the stuff to the manager one time, and a week later he has it in the cooler case. 

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