31 August 2012

A Diktat from Big Mama

The wife of your Imperial President has spoken!!

She knows how to navigate a supermarket, you betcha.  Oops, that would have been Sarah Palin.  The wife of the current president (the phrase "first lady"  refers to the consort of an un-elected ruler, who is not in the chain of succession) has deigned to give us Her suggestions on grocery shopping. Inasmuch as she has had the use of a personal chef for the past many (4+n) years, I believe that her advice may not be as useful as might be desired.  There are other suggestions, and this is a good one.

Niether one mentions the CutOutsBin.  Back in the dawn of history,  there used to be Record Stores, which placed the unmoved merchandise in what was known as the "cutouts bin".  No questions, no return.  Very cheap.  The meat sections of moist grocery stores now feature bins where sooon to expire stuff is on huge markdown. 

Find something good there, and work around it.

Buit what would you expect of someone who wears $600 tennis shoes, huh?

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