08 March 2011

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Which by the way was a most reprehensible and awful song. The upstairs neighbor still cannot be bothered to turn the taps off fully due no doubt to the same upbringing which rquires him to perch on the rim of the toilet for standard transactions.
My manyth (I've stopped counting) call to the property manager yielded a piteous response that the help was afraid to enter my apartment due to my quarantine.
The leak isn't in a drain. It's a simple matter of replacing the stem, seat, and packing of the hot water side of the tub fill valve (might as well do both while you're at it). There's a hatch in the wall to give access to the shut off valves ("stops". we plumbing professional plumbing types call 'em). The job of work will take all of 10 minutes, and I can talk the guys through it over the telephone, in Spanish if needed.
The drywall and tile repairs can wait, all I want is to take a dump without getting wet.

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