10 July 2010

Scary scary stuff

This is even more important than my Marlboros being shuffed by California anti-arson regulations. Scarier than Seattle folks gettin' it on in the rain.

We've got a Legislature with nothing to lose. The rats about to be shoveled overboard have no reason to temper their appetites for that sweet sweet cream that comes from the taxpayer's teat.

It's a parting shot, an uncomebackable word, a snook that cannot be uncocked. Everything on the Statist agenda is now on the table, and the cropier is oin the take. Expect massive named throughways, new transit centers named for representitives before the tracks are laid, Most Favored Nation statue for Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and manditory representation of JApan in the World Series.

Here's a brand new concept:


This should read something like: Any Act of the Congress Assembled which Budget dictates the expenditure of more than the annual wage of any Representitive as established during the year of the Sponsering Representitive shall be Subject to a Legislative Hold until such time as the said Representitive shall face opposition and be re-elected into his previous Office.

I wrote it drunk. but it still works on re-reading (Constitutional scholars will be co-opted to ensure proper distribution of Capital Letters &c)

Slowly slowly catchee monkee. Notice that CUTS in spending are not subject to the Bill. Constitutionally delegated expenses are not covered - E. G. for wartime activities.

(JC stands back and admires his handiwork)

Don't just do something, Stand there!

(Didn't I tell you?)

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