13 July 2010

Diverse Indices

A recent drive took me through an area of apartment complexes. Somethiong struck me as odd, but it took a whole to sink in: The parking lots were full.

This in an area of the Houston Metroplex noted for industrious citizens.

Ok, this was a highly minority inhabited area. Lots of Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Hispanic folks. All of those folks whoh are taking "our jobs".

The damn parking lots were full. At 2:00 P there was not a parking space to be seen. Is this because all the mommies are staying home with thei babies? I don't think so.

5 years ago I would have driven by and seen perhaps 3 cars per hundred spaces. Not because the complex was empty, but because everyone was at work. A return trip at 8P would show that the spaces were all full.

Anaecdotal evidence, yeah, but still there.

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