13 July 2010

First Thing We Do

Let's kill all the lawyers. OK, Willie the Shake was allowed a bit of running room with the hyperbole he gave his characters, but nonetheless...

I've said it before. I'll say it again. And I'll say it now. in a society so infested with laws that oit requires a highly paid professional to guide one through the thickets of the law, something is very wrong.

It's not for nothing tha t the Articles of Confederation (the one before the Constitution, not the Confederate Constitution) declared that the profession of lawyer was to be forbidden (you could give advice, but not be paid for it). There's an interesting post on the subject at the Volokh Conspiracy, but methinks they have the wrong end of the stick. (Read the link and then come back).

So, you're back now? Great.Around a hundred years ago, there was a tradition of "reading for the Law". An ambitious young lad (or lass) would either apprentice with an accepted practitioner of the law, or would undertake independent study. No biggie.

The problem now is that the law has become so all-inclusive, so omnipresent, that it is no longer possible to know the law, evenin one small area. It has become, dare I say, fractal. Every piece is a piece of both a larger and a smaller piece.

As your President (oops, a bit premature)

As you Senator (ahh, maybe sometime soon)

As your Representative (now I'm shooting low)

Asa basic citizen (OK, that fits) I have a bad feeling about the Legislature. There are too many lawyers there, making laws to be enforced by lawyers, to be argued by lawyers, to the benefit of lawyers.

My solution?


We'll still have them. but the will be remoras rather than sharks.

Here's another one"


For every law passed, another must be repealed.

No No, Here's one even better!

Reduce the US Code to a volume easily carried under the arm of a small schoolgirl!
This motion can be named after any schoolgirl tormented by a Senator as a schoolboy, and the fact of her becoming Playgirl of The Month will endure as an open wound of all the Kennedys.

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