03 May 2010

Spam in Odd Places

I am (as they say in Nashville) currently between labels. Therefore I must spread my resumeatious seed broadly, and hope it finds fertile ground. One of my fields if Craigslist.

Now I'm used to getting a response rate of about 2% from any given source, be it Carrerbuilder, Hotjobs, or what have you. Imagine my surprise anbd delight when I get promp responses from three different Craigslist listings in the Office Management catagory. (Not that that's my first choice, but at least it's air conditioned, and in Houston that's NONTRIVIAL).

One has the phrase
" I am (redacted) by name,(snip)I am presently in Bryanston in London for a short business trip so there will be no interview.I will per-pay you in advance to do my shopping.I will also have my mails and packages forwarded to your address.If you will be unable to stay at your house to get my mails,"
yadda yadda. Nigerian scammer, down to the stilted diction. Plus an "@live" addy.


The Firm Shipping Agent in the United States will provide you with all your neccessory Equipments to get started including the Softwares which you will use and also learn more about your job position ) You deduct $150 for your self for signing Bonus ( This is to help to Motivate staff towards commencement )Telegram the rest to the Shipping agent to effect Shipping Logistics for your Equipments cos we will be sending you some equipments that you will need to start work with..... ( this is to be done via Western Union or money gram Ok), We will provide you with the Shipping Agent Western Union Information where funds will be sent to.

For the love of the baby Jesus and his eight tiny reindeer. Not even spellchecked. I need money, I want a job (not the same thing, obviously), but I could cry for the stoopid.

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