05 May 2010

Cinco De Mayo!

Today is the day when we celebrate the Mexican War of Independence. Not the 1799 one (against Spain, failed), not the 1810-1821 War of Independence launched in Guanajuato by Fray Hidalgo and Allende (against Spain, successful), not the one in 1846 which gave us Texas (and the half of the country with paved roads)(I consider it a success), but the one in 1867 against the French (as if that should really count). It's also not the one in 1910 - 1929 where they tried to kill every priest (Viva Cristo Rey!).

Here are my tips on celebrating it like a real Mexican.

1 - Only Yanquis drink Tecate. It sucks. So does Corona, unless it's on draft, and we don't get that here. Drink Bohemis, Dos Equis, Indio, or Victoria. Mexico had a German emperor4 for a while and he brought some ace brewers from the old country. There's no need to consume American Process Beer Food Product.

2 - Tequila. Forget that worm stuff, it's for the tourists. So is the whole salt-and-lime slice routine. Neat, with a beer back or, if you can get it, sangrita. Sangrita is a tomato/citrus kinda thing which tends to be made in the bar and the bartender is NOT going to give you the recipe. It ranges in flavor from "sort of like V8" to "this would make a great barbeque sauce" and all points in between.

3 - Fireworks are required for EVERY Mexican holiday, feast day, celebration and gathering. Smuggling them in and avoiding prosecution are your own problem, not mine.

So, here's to Glorious Mexico, which today celebrates beating the French!

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