29 April 2010

One more bad habit

All of YouTube fails to come up with a recording of Little Feat doing "Keeping Up With The Joneses" I was going to use it a an attempt to embed, but FAIL.

Pack of Marlboro now lasting average of 3 days, liter/litre (for godssake, can't those Euros decide how to spell?) of good Polish potato vodka (no brand recomendations, my finger would knot up) lasting the better part of a week.

Truckina Truckovna Trukski is still without papers, so I'm putting in 3 - 20 miles per day on Rusty Steed (an 80's vintage Nishiki road bike, not a racer but a good frame).

With any luck I'll be bikini ready by midsummer.

Here's an attempt at an embed:

Preview tells me it worked! I am the master of the Interwebz!

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