11 May 2010

Hiittin' the Big Time!

My sincere thanks and appreciation to KurtP of A Trainwreck in Maxwell.

He's the first person (to the best of my knowledge) to have blogrolled me, and in the "Daily Reads" catagory no less!

I also got an email (reply to threatening letter) from the venerable Sage of Iowa, Dave Burge! Asking why I had fucked up and not liveblogged the Art Car Parade here in Houston. Here's my original letter:

You know about the Houston Art Car Parade, right? I'm going to give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pick up some liveblogging from the Bayou City (Where 17 Railroads meet the Sea).
It's not that some of my close personal friends are involved. No, nothing like that. It's that there's some stuff that might have a CLOSE and PERSONAL importance to you.
'Cause it would be a shame if anything were to like happen to any of these nice vehicles. We wouldn't want anything like that to happen would we?
I'm just suggesting that the Houston Art Car Parade should get a bit of high-class coverage, like what you does on your thing on the intertubes.
Hey, we're all friends here! Hate to see a nice website like this have any problems, if you know what I mean.
Your Friend

His gentlemanly, nay, scholarly reply must not be posted 'cause I'm afraid he'll hunt me down and kill me.

My mewling response:
Well, Dave, to tell you the truth the damn plants stopped me. Had my location chosen (in a tree overlooking the parade route near the library so that I could use the free wifi and see both at the same time), and bus schedule figured out (it's impossible to park within about a mile of the parade route). Got to the bus stop and...

Couldn't see. Couldn't breathe. Damn plants having sex RIGHT THERE IN PUBLIC and getting their nasty pollen all over hell and half of Georgia. Turned right around amd self-medicated. Yeah. I got stoned and I missed it.

There are groups, platoons, myriads of pix around on the interwebs, though. Try http://www.orangeshow.org/23rd-annual-houston-art-car-parade-winners/ for a start.

I would probably have been distracted by the flocks of pretty girls and prettier women that swarm the event. One place to find them other than the parade is at the Art Car Museum (http://www.artcarmuseum.com) located in the Heights area, very near Downtown and a bunch of other neat stuff.

Wow, Dave Burge, the Iowahawk himself...He emailed me. (fangrrrl sigh) I'll never close this browser window again!!!eleventy

Getting pissed with Little Miss Attila and Bruce McQ, at the Flying Saucer?
Hanging out with the cool kids now!

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