11 May 2010

I Don't Understand

But maybe I do. Samizdata have a post up on "Globish", which I understand to be a universal (global) pidgin (English). Read the whole thing, it's good, but relies rather too much on "English as the International language of Cricket" to be taken seriously in Texas. And yes, there is a comment there in the thread from me, BUT I've got a bigger ox to gore.

The distinctions between languages are at best arcane. When I look at the CIA World Factbook (is it a sin to get such pleasure from that source?) I See that India has 15 independent languages, but everyone essentially speaks English. In a strange commonality of vision, Wikipaedia has the same information.

But let's look at Spain. Wikipaedia lists Spain as having 5 languages! The CIA only lists 4. Basques only really exist as communist terrorists and common thieves, and I have that on good authority, from Romish and Basque sauces, as well as the CIA Factbook.

Let me think this through.

Language is that which separates man from beasts, and is that which unites man with man. Okay, I'm with it, I dig you Brother!

Only by understanding our fellow humans can we reach understanding. Yeah! Preach it brother!

We must embrace our differences! Yes! Or at least discuss them in highly paid seminars in the Fiji Islands!

And it must be done so that all can understand. Yes, the conference WILL be in English!

Sounds like bullshit, right? My Google search on "international linguistics conferences held in English" just came up with well over 3 million hits.

I find the same thing in taxonomy. Make it different. Name it after someone famous. Make it loveable. Make it live.

I call bullshit I don't think that if I were a nicer person and didn't insist on speaking English on all official occasions (save quinceaneros and bodas) the world would be a better place.

(Now we get to the nitty gritty)

The movement to factionalize languages is from an argument mal intente. I am convinced that all movements to replace established accepted spellings are done with no reason but to create havoc. Fuck you, we're Myanmar now, and all you fascist pigs must change your globes and maps! Bwahahhaah!

Sorry losers, you're still Burma, and you were at your best when the closest you had to a bleeding heart liberal was Eric Blair.

Fuck you, Spain, when you decide to kowtow to regional pota'to/potato nonsense. I know damngoodandwell that the language I learned in Mexico at the age of 8 is still understood. It ain't Galacian. It ain't Portoguese, 'tain't even 'taliano. .

You insist on factionalisation. So be it. You sleep in that bed, and see if you wake up wearing your own blood.

Does no-one see the problem here that I see? E Pluribus Unum, yeah, but intentional divisions of the Unum? There must be some who are working in mala fide - working in bad faith, playing the rules with the intention of violation. I can't even think that way. It just makes my soul feel all dirty and nasty to try to think that way. For others, it doesn't. And that's where the fight starts.

Let's put it into really short words. Rare is not the same as valuable.. Say we find (by "We " i mean anyone) another damn tribe that can't count to 3. Quick cost/benefit analysis: A) we keep them as zoological samples
B) we kill them all
C) we teach them to count above the number "2"

Right-Thinking fucks choose option 1)
Right -Thinking Fucks (lefties) assume that EVERYONE ELSE wants option 2)
Folks who give a Goddamn will invariably choose option (3, 'cuz it's the best for the folks we're talking about.

It's the Rez problem here in the States. Gotta protect the Abos, lest they become independent. Wanna die in despair? Be a nephrologist on a rez. . And they will pretend not to speak the language, No, it's not because they're French, it's because they're paid to .

Now my question is: In what way is English racialist, or derogatory, or in any demeaning? Your answer is going to be "because i think it is".

And my response will be "That word, 'think', ?. You're not entitled to use it.

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