10 May 2010

Seriously (But not)

My folks are fans of poetry. Growing up, there were dinner table discussions of the Elizabeathen versus the Italian sonnet forms, with examples expected.

That's probably one of the main reasons for my distaste for the HipHop verse form. Thudding iambs coupled with an A/A/A/A/A/A/A/A rhyme scheme really don't do anything for me.

It just seems like nonsense, with no rhyme meter or pattern. So being a completely lousy poet, I feel free to offer this ... this .... this... POS..

I don't care too much for that Rap shit
It seems to have just suck on that same riddim beat beat tit
if i wanna get my iambs out
got no choice 'cept to give you a shout

I said "wachu got mister Fowler
say you call me just a howler
got no meter or rhyme scheme
plot character or even theme
Wuffo U say I got no character?
When I can rime it with 9 millimeter?

Mistuh Fowler Ed. 2 say if you gonna play with the grownups
betta watch you mouf and take care wit the foul ups
If shit's what you wanna be givin,
then that's the place where you gonna be livin'

Yeah, this sucks, even as a parody, but I couldn't resist the reference to Fowler's 2d edition, the last of the canonical, to my mind. All editions of Fowler's Guide to English Usage after the sainted 2d edition are (as the young folks say) TEH SUCK.

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