19 April 2010


Okay, Sunday was International Velociraptor Awareness Day, but VOLCANO is right next to it in the dictionary. Okay, maybe not your dictionary, but ion mine they're close neighbors at any rate. What do they have in common, I hear you ask? (And you Tiffanie, stop texting in the back of the room, I can see you and none of you friends have studied either.)
Well quite simply the ability to cause massive extinctions. Yes, there's a question from Mr T. Rex in the second row? No there isn't a question from Mr T. Rex in the second row. Can anyone tell me why? I'm looking for hands, here. Okay, Toneshia, could you tell us why Mr Teacher your friend T. Rex didn't ask the question?
"Cuz He's EXTINCT, Mr Teacher! And I doin't know why you're calling on nonexistant members of the class!"
Well, he did have a note from his mother, Gaia, asking thta he be excused from clas on account of extinction, but I thought he might have gotten better.

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