23 April 2010

Don't call me a birther but..

When the opponent releases over 800 pages of medical records and the other displays a one sheet bill of health'

When one candidate opens all records of his academic history and the other has all of his legally sealed,

And both of those folks are candidates for high office...

Which one would you expect to be the one calling for "greater transparency" in Government?

As the head says, I'm not a birther, but it seems to me as if someone thinks that the rules do not apply to him.

The thing that really sticks in my craw is that, according to the superior courts, there is no one - as an individual or as a state or corporate entity - having a standing to make a challenge.

Lookit - I've been trying for months to straighten out a title matter on a truck. The Texas Department of Transportation insists on original documents with signatures in blue ink (to avoid Xerox copies). This is considered reasonable. So far this has required:
Getting an original copy of the title from my old boss,
Getting a Certified copy of the Letters Testamentery of his late wife,
Getting a notorized affidavit of work done in salvage,
A Power of Attorney so as to obtain all those (ha, ha) public records, then
Another application for clear title, so that I can
Transfer Title
And I'm still not through yet.
I will in due course have to produce:
Driving License
Proof of Insurance, and
Social Security Card.

This is to register a 1993 Chevrolet Subhuman (stet), worth maybe $1200 dollars.

What's our President worth?

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