19 April 2010

Linky love

I don't do a blogroll thing; mostly because I'm lazy but also because my Firefox bookmarks folder needs its own TB drive. (Moderate hyperbole).

So, in lieu of same, here's some good stuff. If you don't click through, you'll hate yourself when all the cool kids are talking about it tomorrow. Links 100% gar-on-teed not to be the same thing you found from the Puppy Blender.

The Labrat at Atomic Nerds has what must be the most balanced analysis of public support programs evah.

The Bayou Renaissance Man expounds on a subject that has had me onccerned for a while - cell phone security in the age of the mobile as the PDA. The site's great for all sorts of reasons, not least for his CV - the man's got at LEAST one great novel in him. Plus a great series on the current problems of the Catholic Church.

I like The Bloggess for teh funneh (usually NSFW), and her admiration of Chuck Norris. Yes, I feel secure in my masculinity.

Enough of this for now, though. I gots some thinking to do.

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