29 April 2010


Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall a few years back a movement in the US House and Senate to require Citizen IDs to be issued to all right thinking serfs, I mean "Law Abiding Citizens", with an eye to limiting illegal immigration. I remember, as a matter of fact, such motions going back to the Carter Administration. (I'm talking personal informed memory here, not historical research).

Resident Aliens are required to carry their Green Cards with them AT ALL TIMES - it says so right on the piece of paper.

So, when the State of Arizona declares that it will in fact carry out the legitimate Law of the Land, as passed by the Congress Assembled and Ratified by signature of the Chief Executive of the United States...

Who's the rascist? Who's the Fascist?

"Against stupidity, the Gods themselves strive in vain" Schiller (YEah, just Googled it, and it is Schiller. Damn, I'm literate!)

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