29 April 2010

Law Enforcement

Here in Houston, the Bayou City, Space City, Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea, we got cops. Right off the top of my head in my neighborhood I'm within the jurisdiction of: (Local) Houston PD
Metro (Transit) PD
HISD (School District) PD
Medical Center PD
University of Texas PD
Baylor PD
West University Place PD
Southside Place PD
Harris County Sheriff's Department
Harris County Constables Department
(State) Department of Public Safety
Texas Rangers
(Fed) US Marshals
And that's without checking the phone book. OK, I live in COH, but between the border limits of WUP and SSP and the nearest doughnut shop. (No doughnut shops in the residential enclaves of WUP and SSP.) Every goddam one of them has a SWAT team too (except maybe Southside Place, they police a municipal area of 8 blocks/400 houses total).

Does this seem a little excessive to you?


Anonymous said...

West U has a Shipley Do-Nuts shop at 5800 Kirby Drive.


JC said...

Yes, 'Mous, but that's all the way catawumpus across WUP. I'm at one corner with a Shipley's, and the Shipley's you mention is all the way over there....
Thanks for reading, though. I hope you ubderstand that I was indulging in a bit of hyperbole.