02 February 2010

First Ladies

The term is not exactly accurate, the First Lady is strictly a Royal position, held (IIRC) by the eldest femsib/cousinette/whatever of an unmarried monarch.

As Nancy Reagan was America's nagging mother,, what with the “Just Say No” program. My mom would have suggested “just say no thank you”, but that's another matter.

Barbara Bush was America's grandmother, offering lemonade and cookies (careful of the lactose intolerant, you see), and reading to the kiddies at the public library. Full disclosure, she did in fact read to my kids at the library one time).

Hillary Clinton was best described by P. J. O'Rourke as “America's Ex-Wife”, and that pretty much sums it up.

Laura Bush was an actual librarian, and did the official unveiling of the statue of Dr. Seuss. C'mon, that's neat.

Michelle Obama strikes me as a playground monitor, an officious overpaid representative of the state who got the job through political connections.

I may, of course, be wrong on any of these assessments.

No, I tell a lie.

Barbara Bush really IS that nice.

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