02 February 2010

I Promise Not to Raise Taxes on 95% of Americans

The man is lying through his teeth. He had the opportunity to extend the Bush tax breaks, but didn't want to do so. Because some people make too much money.

Not him, of course, a part time lecturer in Constitutional Law (not tenure track, not permanent, “Professor” by courtesy only at the school where he taught.) Not his wife, the beneficiary of board positions on numerous “Not-For-Profit Non-Governmental-Organizations” paid for by the taxpayers of Illinois and ferried first through the State Legislature (by her husband) and later more remunerative positions paid for by the whole country and ferried through the Senate (by her husband)

Clever, that. Not original, but still clever, in a Chicagorilla sort of fashion. Standard operating procedure.

No, he just let Nature take its course. The cuts just expired, you see. They died of old age. Maybe they could have been saved if my Healthcare plan had passed, but no.

Reuters and Yahoo have both pulled the stories, leaving a placeholder stating that the story will be posted later in the week, but this is blatant, obvious CYA from the White House.

That's OK though, it's Bush's fault, for not making the tax cuts permanent.

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