16 September 2023

A Love Story

She was a a lovely woman, and he a lonely man, who met in a quiet pool. Both had intended to clean themselves of weary work. The lady blushed. 'You must not gaze upon anything I do not show! But you may help me by washing my back'. 'Happily' he replied. He enjoyed washing her back and washing her hair, and pretty much all the rest of her. Because, seriously, if you've ever bathed ANYTHING like that, you really have to pay attention to everything. 'How, is it, sweetest dryad, that you must bathe alone, and rely upon the aid of a lonely traveler?' And she replied 'Can you swim?' 'Yes, sweetness, to the qualifications of the Cub Scouts, the Boy Scouts, the US Marine Corps, and even those of the US Navy SEALS Corps. And we can only be drowned by the embrace of a virgin mermaid.' 'Well, Sailer, what you waiting for! You WANNA die?'

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