29 June 2022


I hate it. But it's cathartic in a fashion. I never really liked those armchairs, so I set 'em at the kerb. Hour later? They gone, to a better place I hope. I filled a wheelie bin with torn sheets, threadbare towels, smelly throw pillows. Then another wheelie bin. Working on #3. I don't have a new address, so this is going into my mother's garage. One (1) really nice leather sofa, gift of one of my brothers. 7 tall kitchen bags of clean clothes and linens. 5 guitars (2 acoustic, 3 stratoid), with 3 compact amps. 2 boxes of kitchen stuff. Well, tools. I own almost as many tools as I do books,(8 bookcases full) and they're much denser. Most are at a jobsite (secure, trust me!) so it's only my mechanic's chest (~200 lb), my bed, and my computer that will be in the last load. I've lived in this 'hood for almost 20 years. Hope I can find an affordable place nearby. Had a number of girlfriends during that time. None ever stayed the night with me. Stayed with them, yes, but just never dropped in on me. I suppose I could hire one, but (1) budget, and (2) I require a serious emotional attachment for sex. 'Dial a Doxie' doesn't work. Hydraulic failure. Don't rise to the occasion. I occasionaly remember that I'm not 22 anymore. Back then (and it was only, oh shit years ago) horizontal, female, and cute were my guidelines. Had my heart broken back in high school. Played around, then fooled around and fell in love again. Heart got broken again after almost 5 years. That's like grownup, innit? Long Term Relationship! Back to hfc guidelines. Got all married and shit. Had KIDS. I fucked this one up big time. hfc. hfc, nice chick way out in the suburbs. She died. She was wonderful, didn't press me for meetings when I was recovering from TB, and was very kind to me when I was blind (Yeah, cataracts. It was such a wonder to see her for the first time after almost 3 years together). hfc no longer makes it.


Mke-SMO said...

Clean outs are good, but look before you leap. The pond has changed a lot in the last decades.

JC said...

As a well experienced frog, I look to see if there's a burner warming the water