17 September 2017

Recuerdos de mi padre

I really can't say it in English.  It just seems so clinical.

But I remember being sent with my father, sitting in the old Blue Rooster, a POS example of a marque lost to history. He was an intern physician, and there were these interesting flashing lights.  Sometimes he would stop at the great Shamrock Hilton Hotel for a shoe shine. Because that's important.

I don't know if my brothers were there then. I remember the lights, and my dad crying. I was very young at the time.  I thought maybe he hurt his toe, and tried to help. Not a good idea. Having an infant crawling under your feet whist driving a '56 Nash Rambler. Doubleplus ungood. There was a thing called "Hamm's Beer" that seemed to make my daddy feel better. It was from the country of elevenhundred springs. More on this later.

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