13 April 2016

Do I trust Trump?

Well, no.

His response to the questions of heavy contributions to Democratic candidates is essentially “I rent whores”. (this is established in his marital record).

What's his price?

Barry O'Bama, I'm sure, is looking for Sec Gen of the UN as his job after POTUS. George W. Bush (bless his heart) would have been GREAT Commmisioner of Major League Baseball (and I mean no slur on him. Rilly, Astros in AL East?).

If he were to become President of the Most Powerful Country in the World, where would he go?

By all accounts, and by all his personal history, the man is a dictator. I say frog, you jump. I must have this house that's been in your family for generations to make an improved limo dropoff station for my casino. If you don't stop saying true things about me I'll sue you.

The dictatorial urge is strong in this one, young padawan.

He does not respect the rule of law, save that he can afford lawyers moreso than anyone else

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