07 September 2015

It Being the end of Summer and all

I learned how to take the twist-offs from beer bottles the grandmother of a friend of mine. " Firmly gripping the beer in the right hand, make contact with the underside of the underside of the Left forearm. Slacken all muscles i the Left forearm, and use the Right hand to make a swift twisting move in a clockwise direction. The combination of penetration of the bottle cap into the the slack tissues and friction on the epidermal surface will generally ensure removal of bottle cap." Just trying to learn to writ MilSpec, but Lord love you she was 85 years old whe she showed me the trick In 1977? Thereabouts. Little old ladies. They rock

That was a High School Beach House party. The LOL in question brought one of her younger friend along, A priest. "Enjoys long walks on the beach which allow me politely to ignore the debauchery going on behind me". But give the man some credit. He set up a stealth confessional behind a dune, and said Mass on the following Sunday around noon. Bastard. Hiding that jalapeno pepper in one hand, and sliding the hosts over it?  Did I say Bastard?  Well on observation I notice that I did indeed say Bastard.  Ran into him years later and her remembered the party.  Reflections in the windows of a van parked down the beach.  Bastard!  With class one situational awareness.  Turns out he also coldcocked a potential mugger.  Saw his shadow coming behind with something overhead.  Halfstep, shinscrape, back of elbow to mastiod.

Turns out he was a buddy of the older brother of my friend. Had the rep as "the badasssedest fucking chaplain's assistant ever."  Did his tour, took Holy Orders.  Never caught his name.

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