03 September 2015

I Haz A Sad

Great big motherfucking tearjerking break my stupid drop forged in Taiwan chrome vanadium heart sad. I talked to her last night, or rather early this morning. My phone tells me we talked from about a quarter of one until about half past. I told her I was worried about her, that her son was worried about her. “I'll be up Tuesday next week” I told her. I told her son to give me a call if there was anything I could do. Talked about AA, AlAnon, involuntary commitment should it come to that. He calls me this morning, and I say let me ring you right back, my eggs are burning. So I do, and he tells me.

Amy's dead. Not gonna answer the phone, not gonna reply to the email, no forwarding address.

Talking to her for the last time (though I knew it not) she told me how much she liked my family, my parents, my brothers, my sons, that she loved them all “And I love you” she said. “And I love you too” I replied.

I'll miss you Amy, but I take some solace in remembering what turned out to be our last words together.

So the rest of you assholes out there: say the words. 'Cause you never know.

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