28 July 2015

Human Trading, from Cuba

It's not always about sex.

Cuba's most profitable export for years has been doctors.

Nurse Nickey, bless her heart, has an MD from Cuba, and was rented out as an LVN by the government. An LVN makes maybe $25k less than an RN in the USA, but she was an MD being rented out at (no shit) $650 a year.

Well, $650 per annum, plus all found.  Same conditions as the patients.  (Think this through, motherfucker.  You want your DOCTOR living in a diptheria hole?)

Those doctors have been, effectively, exported Slave Labor.

Well I know it because I have Cuban friends and because I read medical journals from South and Central America in Spanish if I have to and because my Dad's a doctor and I KNOW what happens when "healthcare" becomes a taxpayer-given right.

I'm not going to regale you with the nice neat wound  I've got.  You'd lose your fucking lunch. I lose my lunch when I have to change the dressing.  I've given up on lunch.  Also, in anticipation, breakfast.  I've also quite lost my appetite for dinner.

Not gonna lose a stone on this. Prolly not even a pound.  Maybe a Euro, but who knows with the exchange rates and all. 

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