03 November 2014


That's what the Preznit of the USA is doing, but he's doing it wrong. He should be spending it with his peers, that is the other Presidents of the USA. Let his spend the heat of August in Georgia swinging a hammer with Jimmy Carter in the Georgia heat.

Go visit George W. in the the beautiful Texas Hill Country. That's an eco-friendly house, too, geothermal heating and cooling, greywater recycling, all that Green stuff. Ride a horse, not a sissy bike. (Not all bikes are sissy bikes.) Tag along with W when he tells the Secret Squirrels he wants to go to the airport to just say Hi and Thanks, and if you leak this your ass is back in DC.

Do some work that breaks a sweat and builds calluses, and freak out the world by going to Harbor Freight and getting the 5 pair for $8 leather palm work gloves because dammit every time I need a pair I can't find the fuckers. Drink some Iron City, some Narragansett, some Shiner. Break a sweat for crissakes, but I'll still let you complain that “Well,that's 3 strokes off my golf game”. Shit, visit Willie Nelson and play on his personal private 3 hole golf course, and keep a copy of the course rules. (They are funny, and I hate golf). Hit Kennebunkport and try out the par3s there with GHWB. Do it for time, not form, like the old man does.

You know what you'd be doing? You could be latching on to the combined wisdom of some other guys who know just how hard the job is. You'd be looking as if you gave a shit. You'd save the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, because you'd just be deadheading on the existing Presidential Protective Service.

But, no. You insist on hiding out at a cost of well over a million dollars per day in salaries alone for your retinue to hang out in an echo chamber. I never thought you were really Irish , Mister O'Bama., but you're really open handed with the OPM (Other People's Money) and word is that you're a really lousy tipper, too.

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