03 November 2014

Secondhand smoke

Once upon a time there was a peaceful but rich city called Houston. It was the hub of an airline called “Branniff”. There was a hotel called the Shamrock.

The hotel had many famous bars, some of which were in the pool area, where rich men were known to take the waters.

It was also the hotel used by the airlines to domicile the workers in transit,and was also the preferred hotel for rich dudes, since at that time only rich dudes could fly.

A stewardess was once rebuked, hearing “OMG your hair smells of tobacco smoke”.

So she had to go wash her hair before trying to pick up rich guys, and therefore the native beauties (and oh god do we have some....)This meant that she couldn't fuck the rich guy. Because someone else got there first.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason that there is the entire “secondhand smoke” bullshit.

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