08 October 2014


is the protocol to address a former occupant of the Oval Office as “Mr President”?

I know some college professors who insist on being addressed as “Doctor”, and I understand that. Worked hard for it and so on. I also know just about as many who say “Call me Jack”. I also know more than enough 2 PhD couples where “Dr Smith” gets both heads out of the pasta to say “Huh” at the spaghetti dinner. I even know some few who say “Don't call me doctor, I'm not a physician”. I admit that I am older than most students by a decade or so. OK, maybe 3.

Retired military are a touchy subject. Old friend D. S,(PhD, Col. USMC) is Colonel to his students. Once a Marine, always a Marine. I respect that. My brother's friend M. D. is PhD, MD, and Col, USAF. Two of a kind beats one high card, I guess. The late Mike F. was Col USAF and PhD but went with Colonel, but he was faculty at the AF Academy. I can dig it.

But winning a popularity contest? OK, a VERY LARGE popularity contest while being pampered like a show poodle and managed like a high school horse? Is Vanessa Williams (exemlum gratia) still addressed as “Miss America”?

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