30 September 2014

More Frequently Confused Words That Piss Me Off

Pallet is moved with a forklift
Pallette are moved my an artist
Palate is where the sense of taste is perceived, also the sense of taste, as a synedoche

e.g. “The artist moved a pallet-load of pallettes to his studio, but despite all the efforts of his girlfriend, the palate was still wooden”

Reins control a horse, and I don't care if the pony's name is Princess
Reigns control dynasties, even if they are pony Princesspalities*
Rain falls from the sky, upon the wicked and the just (It's in the bible. Or Shakespere.)

e.g “the reigning king lost his reins in the rain. Humpty Dumpty, cleanup in aisle 6”

And who can overlook: “There's none of their stuff there”

    a Prince rules a Principality, a Dule rules a Duchy, a Baron a Barony, a Count a County, a Bishop a City, a Priest a Parish. Is this so difficult? Jeez, kid nowadays.

Peddle mean to sell
Pedal is to cause something to move by operation of (epynomous) pedals
Paddles serve a similar function in water
e.g. “Paul peddles pedal powered paddle boats.”

Medal is an honor or decoration awardes for an accomplishment
Metal a material with certain atomic and structural characteristice
Mettle is dedication strength and or endurance

e.g. “Steve showed his mettle, keeping the pedal to the metal, winning the gold medal.”

Damn, I could carry this on for weeks.

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