30 June 2014

On Publishing

I recently ran across an article warning that CEOs who write business advice books trend to be heading for a fall. (I have misplaced the link and lack the desire to find it again).

I have also been following the indie/e-publishing versus legacy (Big 5) fights, whereby authors generally get royalties of about the level of sales tax on the product. Also, the average advance is now about $2500, and, due to small print runs, very few authors “make back the advance”.

The publishers themselves, though, snack high on the food chain in NYC, and claim huge operating expenses.
What's funny, though, is that they can come up with multi-million dollar advances for political candidates. Only the right ones, of course. Oops, I mean “only the good ones”, who are axiomatically Not the right ones but the left ones.

One would be tempted to suspect groupthink, or some kind of systematiic bias. Let's restrict it to the the last three Presidencies: Clinton, G. W. Bush, and Obama.

Bill Clinton book advance: 2001 - $10 million advance

Hillary Clinton , 2000: $8 Million advance

Hillary Clinton 2014 $18 Million advance

George Bush $3 mil

Laura Bush $0.3 mil
Presidential Dog ?

Obama First Autobiography $18n mil
“, condensed version $0.5 million

Obama Second Autobiography $16 mil
Michelle O $12 mil
Presidential dog. $3 Mil

So, the Clinton Family gets something like 32 million dollars. The Current President of the United States has received something like $40 million before he even gets the job.

But, you see (ignorant peon), this is payment for value received, not a blatant bribe. So none of them ever make back the advance? Well, we all make mistakes. Cunts. They pay extra for the sttoopid. The Hildabeast's book is already marked down 60%, and it's becoming a bit of a causus something even in Manhattan, where lunches are expensive and judgement is cheap.

Value received by shiny white ass.

So the Bill's and the Hill'z and the current President have sold over $100 million dollars US?

I don't think so 


(photo requests for images of my shiny white ass are handled through the Comments.)

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