30 May 2014


Engineers use that TLA (Three Letter Acronym, sheesh, do I have to explain EVERYTHING?) meaning Run To Failure. Throw it away when it's broken. This explains why, for instance, we have B-52 bomber planes that were in fact commisioned in, yes, 1952.

That does not explain why the .gov is phasing out the (e.g.) A-10 Warthog Ground Attack Aircraft with no replacement capacity available. Nor the Tomahawk missle, ditto.

There's a phrase, 'scheduled invention' I believe it is, which explains that it's all ok, genius will out, and everything will be just fine a soon as we work out the last few bugs on the F-35.

Bullshit. The .gov has spent over 12 Billion with a “B” dollars to avoid paying a for liccense fees of 12.5 Million (with an 'M') Dollars. By the way, we as taxpayers just spent close to a half million dollars to buy the Albanian Government (if it can be so called) 8 Mitsubishi Pickemup Trucks for. (ahem) “border control and smuggling interdiction” as if Albania existed for any reason other than smuggling of goods and people. Fast and Furious, anyone?
As I recall (and you're damn skippy I DO recall) William Jefferson Clinton made a concerted effort to

(A) cut the military budget, especially budget for replacing weapons stockpile, and

(B) run out the existing supply on bogus targets.
I see no difference in the approach taken by our current CIC, save that our current CIC has avoided saying things like “I loathe the military” - but his acrtions speak louder than his words.

Now here's a thing RTF implies current loads and demands, and the assumption that recovery is possible. We're getting to the point of Failure Anaysis.

Speaking of which, let's lok at the promises

(A) Close Gitmo----------------------------------------FAIL
(B) Troops Out of 'Stan--------------------------------FAIL
©) Maintain First Class Military---------------------FAIL

Are we seeing a pattern here? Geld the Armed Forces, send the “savings” off to crony contributers, make the basic living of life more complex than ever before, subvert the Constitution with a phone and a pen?

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