21 March 2014

Damn I'm good

Monday – Troubleshoot and repair 15 horse compressor, 480 VAC. Bad starter coil, $50 part. Unit had been down for 18 months. Fab shop productivity down 60% with backup comps.

I roc
Tuesday – Laundry, Internetubeweb research for neighbor to find cheap jackhammer. Found one, $160 on Amazon with 2-day free shipping via Azamon (stet) Prime, saving neighbor Big Bucks Fast by losing cable and Netflix, plus free Kindle Library. Paid for the fucking jackhammer there, if it's worth a shit.

Wednesday – Cooking

Thursday – HVAC for Bro. Bad t-stat wire (Rodent damage) and fried start cap, $16 part. Been down for 3 months. Hint for DIY doods. Does the fan work? If no. bad transformer or thermostat. Check v @ t-stat. Nil V @ tsat means bad transformer most of the time, so check tformer in the attic. It's behind the panel with the power leads going into it. Tstat output OK? Bad wire. Pull new Tstat wire. V @ tstat OK? Open up the outdoor bad boy. Find the contactor – it'll be the half nekkid looking thing with lots of wires and two strip contacts and a plastic bridge. Carefully, using a tool not your damn fingers you oaf, and an insulated tool at that, press down on the plastic bridge part that goes between the copper bands what have the rivits in them. Did that startle you ? Sparks and motor noises? Good!

How do I rock?

Friday - Function check jackhammer for cute neighbor. Box intact – but the blow-formed case looks like a fortune cookie that's been stepped on. Came with jackhammer, 2 bits (point and chisel), oil bottle (empty, never filled), spanner for oil reservoir, 2 hex keys (which fit none of the fasteners), spare motor brushes (YAY) and a set of instructions translated from Chinese to Engrish by way of, best guess, Finnish. Ran like a champ through 5” pool skirt 'til I got tired of clearing the rubble and the wheelie bin was about half full (4 hours?). Big limiting factor was the rebar – too big for dikes or Kleins, but my only boltcutters are 48 inch, weigh as much as the damn jackhammer, and won't fit in tight spaces.

I rock Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic; that's how I rock.

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