16 February 2014

Immigration reform – and why it won 't work

Point number the only one – Americans are poisonsly against anything that smacks of “second-class citizenship”.

Canadia (stet) has “”Immigrants”, “Landed Immigrants” and “Citizens” .

If you want a real laugh, consider “FM2” status in Mexico.

We in the God blessed US of A consider all such divisions to be invidious, harmful, UnAmerican.

And that's why none of the proposed “amnesty” bills will work in the long term. We won't institutionalize a whole category of serfs.

One party considers it to be a holding pattern until something better can be arranged.

Another party considers it to be a good thing which will advance the coming Universal State.

I know where I stand.

Rules only work if they are agreed upon by all players. Good faith is the key upon which all agreements stand. Guess which one is negotiating in good faith, and which in ill.

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