04 October 2012

I Didn't Want To

But I did watch the debate last night.  Jeebus, our God-King looked like shit.  "Eloquent"?  Well, "clean" at any rate.  And who told him to use a 4-in-hand knot on his tie with that wide collar?  I'm much closer to thinking that the Moose is in fact a beard, especially after reading this about the "Down Low" club in Chi-town. 

(As a matter of fact, HillBuzz is a great site for the lowdown on how the Obemeister behaves at home.  Hard core PUMAs, Gay and Proud, and have been following him in and out of the Windy City's bathhouses since he was a state rep. NTTAWWT) (Party Unity My Ass)

The GF was incredibly kind, responding to my shouts of "You lying sonofabitch", "Mendacious cunt" and "The truth is not in him and he wears special truth-repellant to keep it that way!" with a gentle and understanding reply of "Sorry, I was dozing".  Love you, darling.

Tell you the truth?  I was underimpressed with the Mitten.  Too much "yes but", too much "not as much".  The competition to increase federal school funding I found particularly distasteful.

Pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

'Lil Billy Buckley would have cut 'em off at the knees with his "send a dollar to Washington so it can have a night on the town" or his "tax a dollar to flip a bum a quarter", but NOOOO.  All too civilized.  Good thing we were eating red meat (loverly lamb chops), because I really didn't see it on the teevee.   "But what you could have said!"

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