02 September 2012

Suffering Jesus

I do hate (hate hate hate) that fucking Adobe Flash.  Buggy, constantly in need of updates (Click here to update!) to cover the previous buggy update...every 36 hours there's a new patch that MUST BE DOWNLOADED.  Fuck you, Adobe, and the horse you rode in on.  I 86ed you from my box, and now I'm running 3 times faster.  Where I roll, "flash" means cheap. off the rack boring ink.  I use Open Office whenever I can, but some droids insist that I use "Brand Name Goes Here" .  So fuck them, too.

Y'know what?  The anarchist hippie doods turning out Linux/GNU (Gnu's Not Unix)(Damn, that's a neat recursive acronym) are the only ones providing decent software nowadays, and that's because it's free.  Those fuckwads at icrodobe (Copyright symbol goes here) move the beta versions at retail price, and then charge for "support".  The one time that I called Apple tech support I was told to "Buy a new computer, granddad" and the little cunt hung up on me.  Sweet Mother Mary and her seven dwarves, I do want to find that young man and tattoo "No User Serviceable Parts Inside" all over his ass. 

(Later) Please forgive me.  I did not mean that his actual ass should be tattooed with "No User Serviceable Parts Inside".  That area should be emblazoned "Entrance Only".  In that nasty blue/black bic pen ink, that bleeds out over the years. Thank God mine are all freehand, and not flash.

Those anarchist hippie doods?  They do it for the love, not for the money.  They're musicians playing to a house of musicians.  And that's the hardest house to play.  They're going up to Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Clint Eastwood all at the same time, and saying "Hold my beer, and watch this" and pulling ninja shit for realio.   Yes, Grasshopper.  We are proud of you.  THAT'S peer review for you.

I used to think that the phrase "distro" was an affectation.  But then. I'm older than Windows.  I'm a command line veteran. Got big Coballs and everything.  Linux is the bee.  It's the whole thing, and all of the options are free.  It's got power windows, electric locks, air conditioning. and cruise control for a base price of fuckall.  I recall a SoCal school district offering a $1500 per student co-pay for Apple laptops, as if there existed a $1500 Apple laptop.  But all homework had to be done in the Apple software. Did I mention the horse?

I'm not a techie.  I'm an old school dood who loves his vacuum tubes and books on deadtree.  I don't trust fuel injection, I can work on a card.  I learneed to type on a fucking Remington Upright, and really got upset when I had to transfer to an IBM Selectric.  And I'm still hell on keyboards. My laptop has dings on it from where I hit it for "carriage return" (whapety whap whap clickety clickety !ding! left hand slaps the machine)


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