25 July 2012

Me, so fuking stoopid

My son is starting Uni.  Good thing.  He has maybe a problem with on campus housing.  He has offers from me, from his uncle (my brother, ) his grandparents, and an old friend of mine for temporary, ranging to perm. housing.

He has a problem with his stepfather, who fails to recognize the species "teenager" and wants to inflict his ignorance with belt and wallet.

 His stepfather, (father of, I am informed , 3, none of whom will speak to him), wants my git to live in the "family" home, and pay over market rent whilst leaving himself subject to a domineering asshole, that is to say himself.

Fuck that. 

My James is welcome at no fewer than 6 homes of family and friends. 

When that uncultured cunt that married the woman who grew up to be my ex-wife makes a threat, he should know that no=one likes a bully, and a bully picking on a woman and her children is loathsome beyond belief..

You know how you are, you know how to get in touch with me, and you have the honor that God refused to give to a dog.

You and me, knuckles, knives or bullets.

I never liked you, but now I can hate, which burns hotter.

Please have you seconds inform mine, it should not be to difficult.

Choices of seconds or demurrals may be addressed to me through standard methods.

Use of threats against my younger son will be construed as acts of war.

This is between me and you, Brian

You're abusing my children. You're hurting those I most love, and you've been informed of my displeasure, and you just don't give a flying fuck.

Consider this to be the first demand of satisfaction demanded under the laws of the Republic of Texas to be delivered through the aether.

This is my elecrtonical  glove dashed across you face and thrown down. 

Chickenshit.  I double dog dare  you. 

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JC said...

More than happy to do the classic Bowie one knife routine. You ever practiced that? Some say the trick is to get a nut move in early, others say dodge it and go for the spike.
Guess you gotta grow up with it.