26 June 2012

Stuff from here and there

Here in Houston my big recreation is hitting the refresh on the Yahoo weather.  It tells me that the temp topped out when I was making an important bicycle run for cigarettes, and that the temperature was 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  I do not believe this, as the thermometer in the apartment breezeway read only 104.  Nonetheless, the 18 block round trip cycle ride was quite warm. 

Later, my neighbor asked if I could do some more demolition on the room that was once her kitchen.

I understand that this might not be intuitavly obvious to the casual observer.. Neighbor had kitchen with fucked plumbing.  House had plumbing in parallel in another wall. I suggested moving the kitchen. Conceppt worked perfectly. Now the room that was the kitchen needs to be gutted. All the old counters, overhead cabinets, cabinets, and tiled walls.It's gonna take lots more beer.

Had a nice relaxing weekend with the girlfriend in the frozen north known as the Woodlands. Did a loverly steak Dianne with bacon accent (because bacon which splashed all over my unprotected torso.  I look silly in the french maid outfit.

So now it looks like my beeer gut has zits, on top of the really fucking nasty scar tissue from the abdominal surgery.

You don't want to see me with my shirt off..


You don't.

I don't. I'm scared to look at myself in the mirror, even after my loving GF went and got me a haircut. (Discount for lack of actual, like, hair). Looks like I've been eviscerated, put together with substandard adhesives, and then peppered with #4 birdshot.

You really don't want to see it.

Now leave me alone, damnit.

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