26 June 2012

It Occurs To Me


That I have been somewhat remiss in posting.  As a matter of fact the snakes post on the 20th of May was just after I got out of surgery for a rather nasty abdominal thingie.  I now have a nice bit of scar tissue reaching from the (ahem) top of the hip area (end ahem) to the bottom of the sternum.  Yes, it goes under the waistband, much like a Rolling Stones album cover.

But that;s not all!

Morphine is hugely over-rated, dilaudid is hugely over-rated and I really don't understand the whole opiate thing . All I know is that I was warm and fuzzy and bored to death the whole time and I was not allowed to eat or drink for  12 days, and that didn't include the 6 days when I just couldn't eat or drink because it just hurt too much.  On top of all that, I lost about 2.5 pounds.   Really, really not fair.

So here she is with the song that should have meant so much to me:

The nasty version by Marianne Faithful , Serves me right.

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JC said...

The LP cover had a zipper on the trou...