20 May 2012

Snakes, and things about them

Boy snakes have an even taper, girl snakes tend toward parallel sides with a taper on the last 15 per cent. of the body length.

Not that most people notice.

I like snakes, but my hindbrain still gives me a startle reflex on seeing any snake, despite my sophisticated mind telling me that in the area in which I live less than 1 per cent. of snakes will be venomous.

OTOH, have had dry strikes from rattlesnakes. And even the nonvenomous bites hurt.

But then, wearing an eight food boaid (I can't remember the genus/species, but the boiz called it "Arboc". which is "Cobra" backwards if you didn't catch it the first time) , when answering the doorbell on 'Halloween was neat, particularly when kids said it was plastic. They all wanted to pet it, and their mothers all wanted to run away screaming.

Aw, it likes you! Just wants to give you a hug...

I understand this.  Nonetheless, discovering a snake startles me.  That means I don't expect to find it here.  Spiders look wrong (something to do with the compound eyes, no doubt), and the webs just feel creepy..

I'm afraid of the infinite, and that which approaches  it.  Depths (which are just heights turned upside down), oceans (I won't go further offshore than I can swim back), heights (can I fly down under my own power? I think not)..

Over the course of decades, I have trained myself to no be mic shy. I can perform in front of a crowd of thousands, iff I am confident in what I do. (Max crowd, ~8,000 folks for a gig as lead guitar and lead vox, with my right arm is a sling.). Or if I'm drunk.

Oh Danny Boy, the Vicodin , the Vicodin is calling'. Yummy yummy Vicodin. Bullshit. No recreational value whatsoever for me. I was disappointed with morphine and with dilaudid too.  Just my luck 


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